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ATM Services

Glitz ATM offers a variety of ATM services for your business to generate revenue, and to get cash in your customer's hands quickly, with an ATM at your business establishment. FREE ATM Placement Program

Our "FREE ATM Placement Program" enables us to operate our ATM on your premises. We will operate, maintain, stock, and manage the ATM machine, and share the revenue with you. You do nothing but secure the machine, notify us in the event of a technical issue, and receive your monthly revenue sharing check.

50/50 ATM Placement Program

We provide the ATM machine and service, and you provide the cash. You collect 50% of all surcharges as a commission each month. ATM Sales

If you are willing to maximize your profits and have the additional cash, you can purchase an ATM outright. You own the ATM, you stock it with cash and consumables, and you manage the money transactions. All proceeds from service charges go directly to you.

ATM Leasing Services

We offer ATM leasing options through our preferred partners.

FREE Online Reporting

Monitor your ATM activity from the convenience of any web browser, 24/7. A secure login ensures your peace of mind, while you view customized reports on ATM balances, revenue, transaction and activity histories, and more.

ATM Maintenance

Glitz ATM has a well-trained team of technicians to help with your ATM maintenance needs. ATM machines are complex with advanced electronics and sophisticated mechanical components. Our ATM maintenance staff can quickly and properly get your machine back in service, so you can continue to generate revenue.

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